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  We have always loved mixed breed dogs, once a year for several years we have had a planned Yellow Lab/ Golden Retriever litter, and are always amazed by the interest in these pups. More and more people have told us, they are trying to get away from some of the possible health issues associated with a purebred dog. Plus these dogs have amazing good looks and excellent temperaments, and are usually highly intelligent.

A Lab / Golden cross can  look just like a Golden, just like a Lab, or somewhere in the middle.  The Lab / Golden mix  is also frequently bred to be trained as seeing eye dogs. We plan to continue having this awesome mix once a year.

When we first heard about Labradoodles / Goldendoodles several years ago we were fascinated by the idea of this planned mix. When you consider little or no shedding at all, I thought "wow, the time a person could save" on house work alone!!

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