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Puppy Adoption FAQ

 Adopting a puppy from Big Oak Ranch

For more information e-mail us at:

Before adopting a puppy please spend some time and get as much information as possible,
it is a big commitment, and raising a puppy requires lots of time and patience.

Are Located in Oregon,
near Portland, in the
Small Town of Yamhill

We Raise Medium - Standard size
F-1 or F-1b Goldendoodles

Prices are $1950


. . .

Our Medium sized Goldendoodles as adults will usually be 35-45 lb for females and 45-55 lb for males.
Our Standard F-1 and F-1b Goldendoodles will average 35-60 lb as adults.


. . .

How do I reserve a puppy?
A $500 deposit is required to reserve a puppy.

Once puppies are born we start taking deposits
venmo  or PayPal.
Please contact me for further details.



What happens once I have reserved a puppy with a deposit?
During covid19 we will be meeting up through FaceTime or zoom for picking out your favorite puppy. This happens between 6 and 7 weeks. We started using this method last year, and it has worked out very well.

When puppies are between 8-9 weeks old, and after they have had their 2nd shots, we will then schedule an appointment for you to pick your puppy up at the ranch.  I will go over everything, and you will be given your supplies and shot record.

What will I receive with my puppy?
All puppies include the following:

- Health record including all shots and worming information
- Sample of the food puppy is used to eating.
- Towel that smells like littermates and mom
- Written Health Warranty & Bill of Sale


Is shipping an option?
We no longer ship puppies through the airlines.

 Can I pick up my puppy?
Yes we allow the puppies that will be picked up here to leave after they have had their second round of puppy shots, which is about 8 1/2 or 9 weeks.

Do you allow the general public to visit and handle your puppies?
No, we are very serious about protecting our puppies, only those who have a deposit and a vested interest in our pups are allowed to come and visit.  While we do understand the interest in this breed and why many great families want to just come and visit and hold one, a lot of times people will go from place to place viewing and playing with puppies.  What they do not realize is that they will be exposing our pups to whatever germs were at the last several places they visited. 

Do you have a health warranty?
Yes, all puppies come with a 72 hr health warranty that gives you time to take the puppy to your vet and have a full check up to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not completely satisfied the puppy must be returned to us ASAP for a full purchase price refund. Any shipping charges are non-refundable.  In addition a 2 year health warranty that covers certain genetic defects is provided.


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