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A Puppies life at Big Oak Ranch

People often wonder how their puppies are raised, what they are fed, where they go, and what they do. From birth to 7-8 weeks while puppies are here with us at Big Oak Ranch, we want to give our puppies a good start and give them many positive human experiences starting the day they are born. We feel that socializing a puppy early on is very important. Here is a sample of how our puppies are raised.


Birth to 10 days: The Big day!!!  Moms sometimes get nervous and very worried right before and during the birthing process. I like to be around from start to finish to help her through and to check the pups carefully as they are born. It should be understood that children and other adults, particularly those that the mother does not know well, can make the mother even more worried and nervous during the birth, so we do not allow this.

Pups are handled a few times a day and stimulated by rubbing and petting. All pups are given vitamins once a day and food supplements if needed. Mom does do most of the work during this important time and she is very dedicated to her pups. Sometimes it is hard to talk her into leaving them so that she can run around and get some exercise.

The Big day!!!

The Big day!!!

A puppy getting a supplement feeding
  10 days to 3 weeks: Puppies
eyes start opening around 10 days so they start getting very cute, Im handling them several times a day and giving them food supplements and vitamins.

By three weeks puppies have made their 1st trip outside. If weather permits I take them out and put them on a blanket in the grass. By 3 weeks mom is starting to need more time away from her puppies.

3 to 5 weeks: Puppies are really starting to move around and notice what is going on around them. During this stage they are still getting the vitamins daily along with starting on wet food mixed with milk replacer.


They are also introduced to classical music, running around the house, and more time outdoors. By 5 weeks you start to see little personalities developing. At 5 weeks mom is saying OK I need some space now and then. She is still spending lots of time with pups, but is given several long breaks each day.

Goldendoodles at 7 weeks in the playpen

Mom still likes her puppies, but by 6-7 weeks she really only wants to see them a few times a day briefly. Note: We are very careful and protective with our puppies during trips outside; pups are never allowed to play by themselves. The pups are supervised constantly when outside to ensure they are not getting into or doing things that could harm them in any way. They are only taken into public once for their vet check-up and are never allowed to roam around at the vets office. This is for their own protection, and because they have not had all their recommended shots.
  5 to 7 weeks: This is a very important time for socializing and getting puppy used to new situations and surroundings. Puppies are taken on a ride in the car, go to the vet for the 1st time, get their 1st bath, 1st shots, are introduced to their playpen where they will soon be taking breaks and sleep at night. Puppies continue to play outside more and in general check life out.

During the summer they are given a chance to play in the pool a few times (this is a tiny wading pool filled with a few inches of fresh warm water.) In the winter the bath tub works. At this stage you can really see the personalities developing. Puppies are fed wet/dry food mixed 4 times per day. They are weaned at between 6 and 6 1/2 weeks, weaning is a process. At 7 weeks puppies are no longer on vitamin supplements or milk replacer.

Playing in the Pool

7 to 9 weeks: This is when puppies are leaving Big Oak Ranch and going to their new homes. During this stage we continue what is mentioned above at 5 to 7 weeks.
If your puppy is being shipped we ship starting at 8 1/2 weeks and the last several days your puppy will spend a little time each day in his or her crate. We feel this makes them more comfortable in their crate on shipping day.
Puppy in a mesh crate

Puppy in a mesh crate

Starting on crate training
Starting on crate training a few days before the big day

If only I was big enough!!

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