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Happy Gus!!

Gus is a purebred poodle and the father of our f-1 goldendoodles !

His size is perfect at about 28lb he is officially a medium or you could call him a very small standard poodle. His f-1 puppies average: Females 35-45lb as adults, and males 45-55lb as adults and they tend to be extremely low or non-shedding which is amazing for first generation!!

His name says it all, I think he is the happiest poodle I have ever met!!



This is Brady!  Brady is a purebred poodle and is the father of our f-1b puppies.

He is a small standard weighing about 45lb.  We hope to have 2-3 litters of f-1b puppies every year and Love the nice color and wonderful temperaments of his puppies. 



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